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Geting Familiar with the life of Bano Amin Esfahan

Geting Familiar with the life of Bano Amin Esfahan

If we can only have 500 knowledgeable women , expert and knowledgeable in Islamic education, equal to this woman in the whole country, it would seem that from knowledge and religious propaganda, we will be placed in so much of success . This is so much important

In the world of Islam there have been always qualified and committed be upon them) and valuing women and respecting them,has always woman who has been the sources of abundant blessings in different domains of science, culture and sacrifice frontline, effort, improving oneself and refinement. With relying on holy Quran and the prophet tradition (peace be upon him) and infallibles morality (peace resulted in growth and development of Muslim women in Islamic society.

In different periods of the history of Islam, there are so many devoted women, knowledgeable and virtuous.

These women at the same time have worked , tried and educated their own self and in the meantime they haven’t ignored the most minute morality issues and simultaneously are responsible for upbringing of the qualified men of their time and have been the most precious and qualified teachers for their own society.

In the history, there are instances of these type of women such as the mother of seyed Razi and seyed morteza elm ulhoda, the daughter of Sheikh Tosi and also the daughter of Mulla Mohammad Taghi Majlesi i.e.Amene Beigom and so on.

Commemorating and celebrating model women are a responsibility that we should always try to perform.

Here it is appropriate to have a glimpse to the character of one these precious women in the Islamic society of Iran who is having a high scientific and practical position and rightfully is one of the prides of the Islam world and value her memory of science and virtue. This humble and great lady Mojtahed (clergyman practicing religious jurisprudence), is Seyede Nusrat Amin.

Childhood and adolescence

Hajiye Khanoom Seyede Nusrat Beigom Amin famous to Banoo o Mojtahede Esfahani Nusrat Amin was born in 1265 in Esfahan city. She started to go to school (old-fashioned primary schools) in order to learn Farsi and Quran and this was a time that in the field of education of religious science and knowledge beyond reading Quran there was no opportunity for presence of women; especially from 1280 afterwards that even there was no opportunity for boys for study sciences and it was even difficult for boys let alone for girls. She was married to her cousin in the age of 15

Her father, Haj Seyed Mohammad Ali Amin Ultojar was an honest, great, believer person and was one the popular and pious merchants and her mother, Zahra the daughter of Haj Seyed Mehdi famous to Jenab and she was a pious women and well-wisher of poor people.

But Haj Seyed Mohammad Ali famous to Amin Ul-tojar

Esfahani is the son of Haj Seyed Mohammad Hassan.

From her childhood she was given special attention to God, radiation of divine love and a tendency to monotheism truth could have been seen in her nature. In this regard she says:

“After my childhood was passed and even from the time I started to distinguish things , my heart always belonged to something unknown (Exalted God) and I found myself wanting to understand it but I didn’t know its truth and didn’t know how I should go toward it and what the way which would lead to it, until my God bestowed me and my eyes with the light of Monotheism and opened the doors of divine illumination on my heart …. “

“In my childhood I was always greedy for studying scientific books and listening to religious preaches and whenever my relatives would have started to have fun ,

I would have started to study and they would taunt me and objected me and would have told me : how can u get busy in study and leave having fun? This is not reasonable it is out of idleness and boredom. Since I was so much enthusiastic about studying I would have bear their undue Ridicules and would have find myself as thought am against the luxury, playful and nonsense of the world and cannot get in peace with them and I would have found that instead my heart is dependant to something else , although what I desired was unknown to me. Whenever I would have heard something from a preacher and scholar and my heart felt great inclination toward his words and I would have become all ear and it continued until I became interested in studying Arabic science and started to study the primary grammar and the primary knowledge of jurisprudence and logic and wisdom and God know with how much difficulty and stress I passed this period and how much I beard ridicules of my friends …..

In one of the trips that her parents had to holy shrines, her mother see Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in her dreams and he promise her (Banoo Seyede ZahraValdizi) the birth of a girl named Nusrat Sadat Amin.

He doesn’t stop his attention to her mother until in another dream, he orders her to educate this worthy daughter to in school to her great mother”.

Shining in science and practice

She was putting so much emphasis on high scientific studies and in the mealtimes used to say: knowledge with practice, knowledge with refining and knowledge with purification. Because if knowledge is without purification it will bring pride for the person and it is not possible that the person can elevate. And his/her fall would be for sure. Purify yourself, for this is the mission of prophets (Tebiyanwebsite).

God’s trials and tests have been for smoothing and purifying the soul of his close servant. The fact is that all her children have been lost to her, she has lost 8 of her children due to different reasons such as disease and so on and she was only left with one boy. These difficulties didn’t manage to cause any gap or damage to the will of this knowledgeable and unique woman. When two of her children were dead within a few days of gap from each other, Ayatollah Najaf Abadi stopped his studies for some days didn’t go to her for that and she sent for the master and asked him about this matter. He replied: “I am shameful to come for education now that your children have just died.” She replies I should be shameful in front of God that I haven’t studied for some days! He gave me something and he took it back.

She was always busy in acquiring knowledge, making herself, refining and taking care of her soul until when she was 40 the light of Ejtehad (exegesis of divine law on matters of theology and law) was revealed in her and with the publication of her first book named “ArbaeinHashemiyeh” in Arabic language in which she has brought 40 narrations in different fields of verbal, philosophical, moral and she has interpreted them in a deep and beautiful way and has provided her comments on them. After this she became famous in science society especially in the domain of Najaf and her book scholars and intellectuals found it so much valuable and deep and they welcomed it so much, in a way that Ayatollah Agha Seyed Mohammad Ali Najaf Abadi her teacher in confirmation of the encouragement of the Ulema of Najat said: “whever Banoo Amin has wrote in this book in the inspiration of her own mind and it doesn’t have anything to do with my teaching and education.” Late Scholar, Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Ja’fari has described her scientific position as below: “Due to the written work of this lady, with assurance with can introduce her as one of the prominent Shiitescholars and her scientific approach is comparable with other scholars , and also considering her elevated soul position, we should consider her among the prominent and unique group of scholars that in addition to acquiring the related knowledge she also createssomething new in the domain


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